I continued taking birth control pills for three more days like the doctor told me. They were hoping that it would bring my estrogen down from 97 to below 50. I went to my appointment this morning and had my ultrasound done. Lining looked great…again, and the same amount of follicles developing. All good there.

I’m out at lunch when I see that my nurse is calling. She never calls that early and I had to let it go to voicemail. I checked it later and found out that my estrogen went up to 177….WTH! We didn’t see any cysts that could be causing this so I’m confused.

She instructed that I stop BCP, that I’ll have withdrawal bleeding, which won’t count at a real period so not to consider it as cycle day 1. BUT when I emailed her back to ask her some urgent questions, I received her out of office reply.

If my period is back on track then the ETA for it this month would be around Dec 13th, which is next weekend. So why wouldn’t I just continue taking the BCP for another week so my period will come on like normal instead of bringing on bleeding early which I know will make my cycle weird.

  • The reasoning behind my thinking.
  • Last cycle I was on BCP for 20 days.
  • This cycle, up to this day, I’ve been on them for 14 days.
  • Why not take them for six more days which will be 20 days?
  • Then my period will come on like normal.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Doesn’t it? Or am I just overthinking this and I should do what my nurse said?

I hate this. I guess I’ll take tonight’s and hope she emails me tomorrow. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rising Estrogen….Still

    • Oh good, at least I’m not the only one that sees the logic in that. I hope she in the office tomorrow and will reply with why I should stop taking them. She’s probably so annoyed with me because I tend to question everything, and not so much because I don’t think they know what they are doing but I like to understand what they are doing and why.

      • I TOTALLY understand!!!! My RE gets really aggravated with me when I come at him with my questions, and almost seems insulted that I don’t just go along with his plans blindly. These people are highly intelligent but they can’t seem to grasp that we don’t want to be treated like science experiments! Argh!! (sorry, I’ve got a tad of pent up frustration following my current cycle!)

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