slide0I might have mentioned in a previous blog that my next IVF attempt will be my last. Well that sends me into a tornado of emotions. Sept 16th (two Tuesday’s ago) I had a D&C to clean me out. I chose this option so I wouldn’t miscarry naturally and be reminded of what didn’t happen. Since the D&C I’ve had daily spotting but nothing to be alarmed about. The day I had the D&C, I felt to renewed and refreshed. After my nap that day, I didn’t feel nauseous anymore, I didn’t have my cold anymore. Weird huh? I mean it’s like when they cleaned me out, they removed the stuff was was causing all this bad stuff. Maybe the clean-out will reset my body and my last attempt will be a true success.

The day after the D&C, I picked myself up, began thinking positive thoughts again and climbed back on the IVF horse. A new and close friend of mine, who is also going through IVF, found out she was pregnant. Her success has driven me to that much harder into making this work, or at least giving it everything I have, one last time.

So I began my Google search for an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility. I found one who happened to be in the same wellness center where I go for chiropractic readjustments and in the future some massages. I emailed her and explained my situation. She scheduled a time with me which was last night. It was supposed to last an hour and a half but it ended up being more like two hours. She went over a questionnaire that covered just about everything. We went over a ton about my IUI/IVF history, menstrual cycles, and much more. We discussed my diet and routines.

She had my lie on the table face down, without my shirt on (bra on). She said she was going to do a detox first. This would get rid of bad energy so that when I start back up on my next attempt, the bad energy will be out and she will be boasting the good energy. I couldn’t see what she was doing or how many needles she used but it seemed like she used maybe 15-20. She had relaxing music playing and she left me to relax for about 20 minutes.

She returned and removed the needles, had me put my shirt back on and lie on my back. The next set of needles would be to boast the good energy and blood flow. She put them in my legs and around my ankles. She placed on right below my belly button. She asked me if I felt it and I said no. She removed it and placed it differently and when she pushed that needle in, wow, I felt it. That’s what she wanted.

She then checked my pulse positions and when they were good, she removed the needles. I asked her about the pulse positions and she said that we have six pulse paths, three on each side. She can listen to each of those paths and determine what is wrong and where to place the needles to help those pulse paths regulate to a more even pulse. Interesting.

She recommended that every night I warm my feet, either by a form of heat or a hot foot bath, right before bed. Then to apply some Organic Sesame Oil to my feet and ankles, applying pressure to certain pressure points. She showed me where and how to do this by giving my feet and ankles this massage. Boy, did that feel wonderful! The sesame oil has a warming effect and because so many fertility points are in the feet and ankles, I need to keep them warm. She also suggested I use this same oil on my abdomen, to warm up the ovaries.

As for food, she said to eat warm foods now. But it’s important to keep my inner body warm. She suggested affirmations and positive talks to the baby energy. Some of this sounds weird but I will do whatever I’m asked to do.

Normally she sees people once a week but since we are on a tighter timeline, I asked her about seeing me twice a week. So we scheduled out the next three weeks. I see her again tomorrow (Thursday). Insurance pays 80% of treatment up to 30 times a year. I’ll double up to get it going then once I begin birth control or injections, I might shift to once a week. I don’t want to use them all up in case I do get pregnant, I want her to treat me during the first trimester to help keep the baby healthy.

7 thoughts on “My First Acupuncture Session

      • Well, Ive been doing it for a month now for 1x week, It feels different after every session. Like a cumulative effect. It took some time like after 2 sessions to appreciate it. My blood pressure is always on the low side, 90/60 or 100/60 …Then when I visited the clinic it reached 110/70 or 120/70. So with that Im happy also.

  1. That’s awesome! I hope to feel some actual results but if all I get is more internal healing and energy, I’ll take that as well. I need to ask her or look up what the one right below the belly button was for, because she was very determined to get it in the right spot. Ha!

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