IVF #3 – 2WW and Beta Results

As many of us know, the two week wait is pure torture. In the past I would work on projects to keep me busy and my mind off of what every little twinge my body was having and what it meant. But this time I was extremely lazy. Both weekends I laid around doing nothing but watching TV and movies. I mean my body got tired of lying down. Sad.

Last week I started noticing a few different feelings that I didn’t have with the other cycles. I think it was maybe Monday night, I was lying in bed reading and I typically read while lying on my side. My boobs hung down and they hurt. I mean like a sharp pain. Last time I didn’t have that. So the next day I took a home test – negative.

I skipped Wednesday and tested again on Thursday morning. Faint line! I held it up making sure I was reading it right. All day I didn’t believe it, thought maybe it was a defective stick. So that same day I went home and tested again that night. Faint line.

Still not believing it, I tested every morning. I even went and bought a different brand. Faint line. Each day that faint line got darker and darker. I still couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it until my beta this Wednesday. Well this past Sunday I had a gush of pinkish blood, then a gush of bright red blood. Not a lot but enough to make me notice. Or maybe it was the gush that made me notice. Monday I emailed my nurse and asked if I could come in Tuesday instead of Wednesday, that I’ve been getting positive home tests and want to know officially, so I can be officially happy. Of course, she said!

So that was today. I had my beta test this morning and my nurse called around 1pm to tell me that it’s official – I’m pregnant!!!!

I still don’t believe it, but at least now I can be officially happy. In fact, I’m so happy I could cry.


8 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 2WW and Beta Results

    • Thank you so much. I’m super excited. The funny thing is I’ve downloaded four pregnancy apps and they all have me put in the first day of my last period, which makes the due date April 26th. Is that really how it’s calculated? I’d think either when it was fertilized or transferred back in me. So confused. But regardless it will be around April/May.

      • Yeah that calculation is weird. It’s for people who have sex and have no idea when they ovulated, from which ovary they ovulated and how many follicles they had…or what exact date they got pregnant ;). We know better than that. I got “pregnant” on August 17, 2013. I had my baby 9 months and 3 days later. If you calculate from my cd 1 then I was “pregnant” for 2 more weeks…which I was not. It’s weird.

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