IVF #3 – Two perfect; some fragmented

My status call this morning told me that all six are still growing. There are 2 perfect 2-cell embryos, 2 2-cell with 10% fragmentation, and 1 3-cell with 10% fragmentation. I asked my nurse about fragmentation and she explained it as little dimples in the cells. The more there are the worse it can be. Ten percent, however, is still in the good/normal range.

My nurse later emailed me and said that Dr. T said to make a tentative transfer time for tomorrow (day 3). I had my nurse call me and I was confused about that since I spoke with Dr. T and wanted to wait until day 5 to see if any make it to the blastocyst stage.

Tomorrow’s status will be the tell all. If they look fantastic, Dr. T wants to transfer them back in tomorrow. They say the embryos respond better inside the body. If they are still good, then maybe we’ll wait until Thursday.

Either way I’ll have to trust my doctor but it’s hard sometimes. After the retrieval I added in one baby aspirin a day. People say this can help with implantation. I hope it does.

Ickiness: The progesterone suppositories are gross. I’ve been on them for two days and I probably change my pantyliner at least four times a day. It’s so disgusting; why isn’t there a better way. But I’ll do what I’m asked, of course!

Bits to worry about: I will be curious how many embryos the doctor wants to put back in. Last time it was three – two were 8-cell and one was a 4-cell. My boss and his wife put four in and they had twins…yikes! What would I do? Seriously?

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