IVF #3 – Day after retrieval status call

I got the first status call this morning around 9:45 and the nurse asked me how I was doing since my retrieval. I told her I had pretty good cramps yesterday but today seems much better. She goes on to tell me that I’ll be bloated for a few days and if the cramps continue, to take the pain pills that were prescribed. I said I would.

She then gave me an update on my eggs/embryos. Out of the 9 that were retrieved, 8 were mature, and of those 8, 6 were fertilized. Of course I wished for more but I also need to be happy for what I do have.

Last time they only retrieved 4 and all were fertilized but one slowed down. So I ended up with 3 that were dividing properly. Tomorrow’s status call will give me more of an indication on how well they are dividing. Stay tuned!

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