IVF #3 – Injection day 4, 13 follicles

This morning I had my day 4 appointment – blood work and ultrasound. I had a different technician today but she was still very nice. She found 13 follicles. It increased from 10 during my pre-IVF evaluation, so I’m super excited. This is the most I’ve had. I just hope the numbers stay up during stims.

Bit of history:

  • IVF #1 – Day 4, 5 follicles, estrogen 44.9
  • IVF #2 – Day 4, 8 follicles, estrogen 74.1
  • IVF #3 – Day 4, 13 follicles, estrogen 141


  • bloated/full feeling
  • some bruising at injection sites
  • headache (hoping from meds and not stress)

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