I’m slacking a bit

I’ve had two rounds of IVF. Both required me to take birth control pills prior to starting injections. I took it like clockwork, just about the same time every night. I was focused. I paid attention. I was on top of it.

Not so much this time.

At least twice, maybe three times, I’ve missed a day. So I take it as soon as I realized which has been the next night. Am I just not worried about taking it? Am I getting tired of this whole ordeal? I think with each try I get more and more relaxed about it, but still. Geez.

So I’ve moved them from my living room end table to the bathroom where it can stare at me while I brush my teeth, and call my name to help me remember to take it. Ugh.

On another side note, I’ve read a few blogs from folks I’m following and they have gotten their “positive”….all on the 3rd IVF. So….technically this is my 3rd try and I keep praying that this is my time too.

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