Time management

Using Outlook is something that I learned several years ago when I worked at Under Armour but I didn’t take with me the manual I received during training. I remember that training class, which was taught by and outside organization, was THE BEST training I’ve ever participated in.

So, I’ve found a new system. I searched amazon.com and found a book that received really great reviews. The name of it is Control Your Day and the premise behind this is to get away from using folders to store your email but instead assign categories to your emails.

The author walks you through how to set things up in Outlook to be automated, which I love. I still getting rid of all my project folders but so far I’m loving it. This new system will keep my inbox clean and help me control my day and not spend hours answering emails and then organizing them.

Once I have used this system for a while, and if anyone is interested, I’d love to share some tutorials.

Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow to finish setting up my Outlook! Crazy, I know!

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