Started the pill tonight

So I’m beginning the third try of IVF (one incomplete and one failed). The doctor always has women take birth control pills for about three weeks before beginning the injections. So I’ve begun tonight. Nothing exciting to report really but wanted everyone who is reading along to know that I’m back on the horse again.

I’m still waiting for my doctor to call to discuss the last IVF and what the protocol will be this time. I think the protocol that I did last time was the better of the two so I really hope we do this one again.

A coworker went to a party a couple of months ago and she had a private card reading. She said this lady was amazing and very accurate. So I’ve booked a party to get my very own private reading. Now I know some don’t believe in this kind of thing, but I do. My coworker was told things that no one else knew and answered some questions for her. I’m so eager for this party because my main question is will I have a baby. Maybe she can tell me when it will happen. She’s even known for telling the sex of women’s baby’s before they doctor even knows. Another question I will have for her is will I be single forever; will I ever find the love of my life again. She can also channel people and I’d love to channel my late husband. I wonder how he is and if he knows how much I still love him and miss him everyday. I never got to tell him I loved him or goodbye. I plan to record my session only because my thoughts might make it so I miss what else she is telling me.

Side note: I’ve combined two blogs of mine into one. Some of you were on this blog already and some were on my blog about fertility. Now you will get posts about all aspects of my life…exciting huh? LOL. I’m not sure why I had two separate ones except I think when I started this whole journey, I was hesitant to share it with everyone so I made it specific to fertility since it would be interesting for others on this very same journey. On this blog I posted about my family, random thoughts, book reviews, my pets, or whatever else comes to mind that I want to talk about. Now my thoughts on everything is in one blog.

Well that’s it for tonight. I’m off to read now. Goodnight ya’ll!


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