My Way to Not Stress During 2ww

When I started my 2ww I instantly began worrying if this would work. Wondering what my body is supposed to be doing and what my body is probably actually doing. This is the fourth time I’ve had to endure this horrible thing called the 2ww (2 week wait). I’ve gone through three IUI inseminations and the current IVF. Each time does get easier in a sense, but it also gets harder.

This 2ww I’ve decided to do things differently. Since I was wondering what my body was doing each day, well if I POAS (pee on a stick) everyday, then I’ll know! Right? I didn’t want to start right away because the trigger shot would give me a false positive. I started on 4dp3dt. It came up with a negative but eventually it gave me a very very faint line. So to me that meant the trigger shot was still in my system. Not to worry.

I tested each day. And every day afterwards it’s been a clear negative. I’m okay with that. I now know the trigger shot it gone so now when I do get a second line, I’ll know there’s a good chance it will be legit.

This is acting as my POAS diary. On each stick I write the date and time I took it. I’m keeping them in a bag so I can later see the pattern. It’s actually helped me not stress so much. I mean I don’t like seeing a negative BUT now that I’m getting used to seeing a negative, imagine my joy when I see those two pretty lines. I don’t have to wonder every day if I’m pregnant. I don’t have to look up every twinge and tug, pain and pinch. I test in the morning and then I know for that day.

If you find something that helps you stay stress-free during the longest two weeks of your life, why not do it? Who cares what other people say or think about what you are doing. This is about you and staying calm.

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