4dp3dt = Seven


What does 4dp3dt mean? 4 days past 3 day transfer. Seven days since they were fertilized!!!

I’m doing good. I think. I of course continue to research every little twinge, cramp, or pull and even this morning I googled ‘4dp3dt symptoms’. I read so many wonderful stories but in all honestly, I think what I’m feeling is all from the Endometrin. Endo is mean and tends to give the same symptoms of implantation and pregnancy. See why I don’t like Endo?

I woke up a couple of times early morning with terrible lower back pain and cramping. The cramping didn’t wake me up as it wasn’t that intense but once awake I noticed it. I kept flip flopping to either my left side or my right side. I couldn’t get comfortable. I can’t sleep on my stomach because of my neck issues. It sucked.

I’m also bloated. Again I’m sure it’s Endo. My abdominal feels tight, probably due to the bloating feeling.

I kept busy last night. My new DVR from Verizon arrived so I had to get that hooked back up. Then I played with my new photo scanner. It’s very small and transportable and scans very quickly and at a good resolution. I probably scanned almost 200 photos while watching TV.

I try to keep busy. At home and at work. Even when I’m busy, I’m thinking. So it’s going to be a long 2ww.

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