Embryo Transfer Day

I woke up this morning and kept thinking to myself that I will probably get a call cancelling the transfer. Perhaps they stopped dividing like what happened during IVF #1. I took my shower and went about my normal morning routine; still frequently checking my phone.

I was instructed to bring two bottles of water and drink on my way to the doctor’s office. I drank one bottle and knew I couldn’t drink anymore or I would have to pee. They want a moderately full bladder for the transfer; I guess it helps them see things better.

I enter the waiting room and was informed I was the last person for the day. I sat down and took out my phone to turn it to vibrate when a nurse called me back. She asked me a few questions and I waiting until the room was ready. I removed my flip flops and put on little booties. She brings me back to the room and has me undress from the waste down. I sit on the table and wait. In front of me is a clock. Next to me are two monitors. Nothing else to look at. So I watched the clock tick by. I don’t know about you, but when I get naked, I have to pee even more. So now I’m getting worried that I’m not going to make it through the transfer without peeing. Terrible thought, I know!

Finally the transfer doctor came in and asked me some questions. He then told me that I have two 8-cell and one 4-cell embryos. I was shocked! The day before they were 2-cell and 1-cell. They grew a lot in 24 hours. So he confirmed about transferring all three and I hesitated but decided to move forward with all three. I was nervous, but he thought that the 4-cell wouldn’t do much anyway.

I informed him the urgency of the pee situation. But I told him I wouldn’t pee on him. Two other nurses were in there with us. One has a sonogram on  my belly so he could see where he needs to go. He said my uterus looks perfect and the nurses agree. I can’t read those monitors so I agreed with what they said. On the monitor on the wall they had a picture of my three embryos. He inserts the catheter and they ring a bell to let the embryologist know that we are ready. She brings in my three embryos in a tube. He inserts them and he watches on the monitor as he pushes them in. Again, I can’t see a thing.

We have to wait for one minute to make sure the embryos are out and then he removed the tube and the embryologist has to verify that none were left in the tube. We got the all clear and I was able to sit up. A nurse came in to go over instructions on what I can and can’t do over the next few days.I told the nurse that it’s too bad I can’t get a picture of my embryos and she said that I would. So I have a picture of them that I can look at and think positive thoughts.

I put my clothes back on and ran to the ladies room. I almost didn’t make it. Not gonna lie.

Cramping occurred the rest of the day. When I went to bed, the cramps were pretty bad.

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