Retrieval Day [take two]

Call me weird and call me crazy, but I enjoy retrieval days. Before yesterday I only had the one experience but I absolutely love being put under anesthesia. Love it!

I arrive at the doctors and wait for a little bit. They call my name and I headed back. They take my height and weight and then I undress and place a lovely cloth robe on. I climb into the bed and get cozy. The nurse comes in and gives me some warm blankets….awwww.

Over the course of about half an hour, a few nurses came in to either ask questions, take blood pressure, get me to sign something, or just simply check on me. Finally the anesthesiologist comes in and puts an IV in my arm…ouch! My veins have been under daily blood withdrawal so they were pretty sore still. He asks me questions while filling out his form. A nurse comes in and sees if I’m ready. We hit the ladies room one last time and then they walk me back to the surgery room.

This room is shiny and bright white. People are walking around getting things ready and doing what they do best. A few of them asked me my name and birthday to verify they have everything correct. I sit on this half bed and they have my lie back. My legs go in these super cozy leg holders, they strap my legs down and the anesthesiologist says he’s going to give me something to help me relax. It didn’t take long to feel real good. The room was getting fuzzy and slow. They are chatting with me on various topics. I told them things are feeling really good. That was the last I remember. I woke up later in bed and feeling groggy. I know I walked back to the bed but both times I don’t remember a thing. I don’t remember climbing off the half bed or walking back to my bed. I really hope a nurse closed the back of my gown!

I’m slowly waking up. They bring crackers and some water. My mom comes back and waits with me. The doctor came in and told me they retrieved four eggs. I was hoping for 5-6 but I’ll take four as well. We chat a bit while I wake up some more. I ate all the crackers and drank all the water. Finally the nurse checked on me and we did a sobriety walk around the office. I passed! I was able to get dressed and head home. On the way out we stopped at the vending machine to get me a Sprite and some Doritos…yum!

Got home and crashed for about 45 minutes. When I woke up, I felt great. I felt like I got the best sleep ever. I had some mild cramping but it could be a ton worse. No spotting either. I rested the last half of the day.

Now let’s hope at least one fertilizes! I’ll know soon!


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