The Eve of Retrieval Day

Let me start off by saying that I seem to be more nervous this time. Why? When I compare this cycle with the previous one, it’s so much better that I think it’s starting to freak me out. Don’t get me wrong, I want this, but it doesn’t mean I’m not terrified. I am. I’m also super excited.

Last night I triggered using HCG injection. My scheduled time was at 12:30am (today). I thought to myself – that’s okay, I’ll set my alarm and sleep for a few hours. Not. I was so nervous about this injections…AGAIN! I think I was more worked up this time than last and last time I realized that the injection isn’t that bad. Ice it and dart the needle in. No big deal. I tried to get to sleep last night but the entire time my heart is beating so hard that I felt like I was moving. I kept googling this injection on my phone – watching YouTube videos, reading about why I have to use the longer needle and not the shorter one, reading about how if you don’t inject it far enough in that it won’t work, reading about side effects, reading, reading….

My alarm goes off and I jump out of bed, went to the bathroom and mixed 2cc of the water with the entire vial of powder (10,000 iu). I’m shaking. That long needle is staring at me and making fun at the fact that I’m terrified of it. I gathered everything I needed and headed for the kitchen where I was hoping to find an ice pack. Searched and searched the freezer and nothing. So I grabbed a zip lock bag, and put ice cubes in it. Went downstairs to my mom’s room to wake her up so she could administer the injection. I iced the spot and my mom darted in the injection. That wasn’t bad….again. It did bleed and I asked her if she pulled back the plunger if any blood came out and she said no, so I hope it went well. I didn’t watch or even sneak a peek so no clue.

I headed to bed and tossed and turned for a bit but eventually got to sleep.

Tomorrow is the retrieval. I’m so excited because the doctor said they should be able to retrieve up to six eggs. I have seven total! Last IVF they only retrieved two. So I feel that the odds are much better this time, that one of them should fertilize and divide properly. NOTE: Last IVF, one of the two fertilized and that one divided only once. It stopped dividing so I never got to transfer it back in me. 😦

Keep your fingers crossed that retrieval goes well. Then it’s off to the next milestone – fertilization!

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