First Ultrasound on Injections. Day 4.

This morning I had my first ultrasound for this first IVF cycle. The technician called it Day 4 which I’m assuming means the 4th day I’ve been on the stimulating injections, since I started Lupron two days before that. They informed me that the follicles would be small at this point but they still want to see where I’m at.

The technician found the right side and took a picture and she went to the left side, which always takes a bit longer. For some reason my left ovary likes to hide. The nurse came over to apply pressure while the technician moved the wand around to find it. Left ovary found.

I asked how many and they only found four. Two on each side. I’m bummed because I don’t know what this means. They said my nurse will call me later today with the results from my blood work and we’ll go from there. I’m nervous. Scared. Sad.

Can I stimulate more as the days go on or is what they see what I’ll be left with?

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