Day 4 Ultrasound and Blood Work – Results

My nurse just called and gave me my schedule of injections for the next couple of days. I am to continue the same dosage and same schedule as I’ve been doing. The break-down looks like this.


  • Lupron – 20 units
  • Gonal-F – 300 units


  • Lupron – 20 units
  • Gonal-F – 150 units
  • Menopur – 150 units

I have an appointment scheduled for Saturday morning for another ultrasound and blood work. I anticipate this happening every other day, maybe every day if needed (they say).

My estrogen level is 44.9. I asked if that’s good or not and they said everyone responds differently but the numbers was good enough to continue with the same medication schedule. I’m not sure how to take that – “good enough”. I thought they might up the night Gonal-F to 300 instead of 150 but they didn’t.

Pray that more follicles develop by Saturday morning. 🙂

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