Mock Embryo Transfer

Mine was yesterday morning. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t like an insemination (what they said it would be similar to). One of the doctors came in and explained what this procedure is. It’s basically so they can see the path and the ovaries, etc ahead of time so they know exactly where they need to place the embryos during the “real” embryo transfer.

He basically inserts a thin catheter with some saline solution through my cervix and up through my uterus so the saline can fill up my ovaries. The ovaries are normally deflated until something is in them. So because your uterus doesn’t like anything in there, it cramps trying to get rid of it. Mild cramping. I don’t have terrible menses cramps so for me it was a bit more than that. Not bad though. Nothing like the HCG test I had last year.

You get to watch your ovaries fill up. He then inserts the sonogram wand to check out the rest. The right ovary he found fine, however my left ovary likes to hide. He had to push my stomach to get it to show up. It took a few minutes but he found it. They send the images to the doctor and to the location that will be doing the “real” embryo transfer, which for me is Towson.

I had mild cramping most of yesterday but nothing that hindered me working or normal life functioning. Bottom line is, everything looks good.

I’m putting the pressure on my HR lady because Shady Grove is wanting to send in the authorization and order the meds but I have them holding off. Lets hope I hear something today.

3 thoughts on “Mock Embryo Transfer

  1. Hey! Was it like a Sonohysterogram? I have had one and it sounds like that and I hate the cramping, you are right, it was like my body was trying to get rid of the foreign substance in my body

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