Feeling defeated

Today I’m feeling defeated. If I sat here and thought about all of this long enough, I could just cry. I’ve had some wonderful friends and coworkers offer fundraising suggestions, and they all sound great. But what if none of them work? What if I can’t get the money needed for IVF?

No one should have to feel this way. No one should have to struggle this much to have a child when there are some who can’t afford them, yet they keep having them. It’s not fair.

I started a fundraising website at GiveForward. It’s a crowd funding type of site. It’s global so it should reach more people. I’ve had about 120 people view my page, but yet only four people have donated. I hate to say only four people because I truly love those who have donated. I’m having a terrible time understanding why people can’t even donate $5 or $10. I know that sounds terrible, but these are friends and family.

Some how, if I ever get through this and have my miracle baby, I’d like to create a foundation or something like it that will help other couples and single women financially fund their IUIs and IVFs. I would love to be able to pay this forward and help others. But first I have to get it to work for myself, otherwise, how will I raise the money for others.

Donation Page

4 thoughts on “Feeling defeated

  1. Keep your head up dear. I’ve thought the same thoughts before. I’ve witnessed my sister in law get pregnant “accidentally” TWICE and it’s the hardest thing ever. In fact with this most recent one she said that she wasn’t even happy about being pregnant. Any word on the compassionate care? Stay strong!

  2. Today is much better. Was just down yesterday and thinking too much I guess. Oh that would be hard to hear of someone “accidentally” getting pregnant when you are trying other means to get pregnant. Thanks for reminding me…I need to call and find out what is going on with them this week. I emailed the PDF file to them again last week. Thank you!

    • I totally understand. We all have those moments. Cry it out…. type it out, whatever you have to do. I hope they get back to you soon!

  3. I recently watched a segment on Fox featuring a woman who started a foundation helping couples (mainly same sext couples) raise money to have a child. Most the funds came from government grants which are out there..people are just unaware of them. I only wish I could remember the name of the organization
    . but I will search!

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