Next steps

I know it’s been a few days since I said my appointment to meet with my doctor was, but I needed a little bit of time to process everything that I was told.

  • IVF is the next step
  • ICSI
  • Assisted hatching – wait what?
  • Highest does of meds – wasn’t ready for that.
  • Doesn’t want me waiting more than six months
  • Pretty positive I won’t have any viable embries to freeze
  • Cost is higher than I had planned (because of ICSI and assisted hatching + meds)

So I didn’t leave her office in tears but I was overwhelmed and worried. I’m still not sure how I will do this. Sometimes I think that maybe since it’s so hard for me to make this happen, that I’m not supposed to be a mom. Of course, that hurts. Then I lift myself back up and think that I can do this (still not sure how) and I will figure this all out.

I keep reading other people’s success stories and so far 98% of them happened on the first try. I’d like to think the same for me but I didn’t hear the words from the doctor “I can’t guarantee it but I think this will happen the first try”. Then I could just pay for the one time and be done with it. But since I didn’t hear those words, I think in order for me to not feel too stressed is to do the multi-cycle discount option. But then I am overpaying if it does happen the first time.

What to do, what to do?

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5 thoughts on “Next steps

  1. Stay positive dear! We are doing ivf with icsi too. They didn’t feel a need for assisted hatching with us. I went today for a bloodwork and sonogram and was told I need to continue my birth control for today and tomorrow and come back on Wednesday to do another bloodwork and sonogram to determine if we are going to start meds a few days after.

    You’ll make it through this. I know it’s hard but I’m sure you will find a way to have your baby in the end.

    • Thanks Amelia! I appreciate your positive thoughts and replies. I was nervous about the ICSI and assisted hatching until I read everything I could about them. I feel better about them now. I sent the application in again to Compassionate Care to see if they got them and if they haven’t then they can start processing them now. Good luck to you! Do you have a blog to follow? I’d love to hear all about your journey.

      • No problem. I know how stressful this whole process is and sometimes it seems like others just don’t understand what you’re going through so those of us who do know the struggle have to be positive and encourage one another. Although assisted hatching wasn’t offered to us I’d love to learn more about it. Hopefully they hurry and give you some type of update idea as to how much your medications are. Unfortunately I don’t have a blog, I thought about starting one

  2. That is true, we have to stick together and help each other out. Here’s a link to assisted hatching – I know right, since I will have the maximum dose it will be closer to the 8k so I hope I can at least get a 50% discount. You should start one. I know I’d follow it. I started mine because I read many others doing the same thing and it’s nice to have someone ahead of you doing it. So I wanted to pay that forward and help those doing this after me. If you decide not to, we’ll have my blog at least, because I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear how things are going with you.

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