Fundraising….take 2…action!

I’ve explored this idea when I was in the middle of an international adoption. Now I’m back, but this time it’s to help me financially with moving forward with IVF. I’ve had three failed IUIs and now the next steps will most likely be IVF. I’m okay with that except for a few things and the main one is the cost. I have most of the cost of the actual procedure, however the fertility medications can range from $3-$8k.

I’ve applied for a discount program and I’m awaiting their decision on what my discount will be – please pray it’s a good discount. 🙂

I know I don’t have that many people following me and even if I had a bunch of strangers interested in my story, why would you help me out? You could be faced with similar financial issues so why help me? Well I’m still posting it on here just in case someone has the means to help out. Remember…everything counts.


Any amount is never too small and everything is greatly appreciated. You’ll be taking part in making my greatest wish come true – becoming a mother!


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