My Life 2013

Wow! What a year 2013 has been – started the year in an Ethiopian adoption process, just to make a turn and go the pregnancy route. Ending it with possible IVF. No wonder I’m exhausted. 🙂

So the year started with me preparing for the home study of my Ethiopian adoption. I had the home study around the end of Feb, just to find out the social worker couldn’t take her focus off of my student loan. Is that all that makes a person, is if they have a hefty student loan or not? Yes, granted my loan amount right now is hanging around 48k and my payment don’t seem to be making a dent in it, the monthly payments for it aren’t that much, so why are we dwelling on this? All my credit cards were paid off, I had roughly 10k in savings – so my only remaining loans were my car (to be paid off in 2014) and my student loan. My house was  great, my job was great, my inspections were great…WTH!

So they make me wait six months.

In the couple of weeks following that heartbreaking news to wait, I thought to myself, I wonder if I can get pregnant? I did some research and found Shady Grove Fertility Center, which gets great remarks and has a wonderful reputation. So I contacted them and set up my initial consult. Then I said let’s do it! They sent me for a ton of tests. Besides me being 38, I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR), which basically means I don’t have many eggs left in my life. Sad to hear but just made me want to jump start this whole process.

I attempted three IUIs – all were unsuccessful. I have a follow-up visit with my doctor on the 17th of this month. I’m sure she will suggest moving to IVF – more expensive; more successful; higher risk of multiples – Ugh!

Besides the baby-making plans, I adopted my first puppy at three months old. Her name is Kona. She is wonderful and I hate to compare dogs to kids, but in a way I think she is preparing me for kids…a little bit anyway. 🙂

My mom still lives with me but the goal is the end of this year she will move out on her own. She has a boyfriend, which is weird. She’s never dated anyone while I’ve been an adult so I’ve had to adjust to things. Still adjusting.

I dated a guy for a few months but that just didn’t work out. He was young and needed to live a different life than what I am working on. Great guy though, just not for me.

I started a new business – Origami Owl – which is an awesome concept and hope that I can elevate the business in 2014.

So for all IVF folks out there, if you have questions that I should add to my list to ask my doctor on the 17th, please let me know, maybe you had questions after the fact that you wish you had asked before-hand. Anything to help me out is greatly appreciated. I feel somewhat alone out here doing this but I have reached out to two people I know who have done IVF to have support and someone to talk to. It can’t hurt to have more, right?

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