Upcoming Follow-up Visit with Doctor

Now that the holidays are pretty much over with, I called the doctors office to finally get my follow-up visit scheduled. It’s for Jan 17. I’m sure she will want to move to IVF and the more I think about…yes, I know, I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about this during the holidays, it doesn’t seem all that bad, except for the cost.

I called and spoke with the financial counselor at Shady Grove Fertility Center to find out how much it cost. He gave me a price for a single cycle and another price for the multi-cycle. Of course the multi-cycle is about 5k more but you get two fresh cycles and one frozen transfer cycle, or whatever they call it. But the downside to this is if I get pregnant on the first IVF attempt, I don’t get refunded the difference.

So I worked on my 2014 budget to see how I can pay off my credit card debt. I can have all that paid off by June/July-ish. Not too bad but I’m not sure I can wait. In fertility time, that is forever! So I found some financial loans that I’m going to try and apply for but I worry that none of them will accept me. My credit is so-so, unfortunately.

So for those out there that have done IVF after IUI attempts, are there questions that you wish you had asked that I should ask during my follow-up? I’m putting together a list of questions so I don’t forget and I’m sure there will be some I didn’t even think of.

I’m a planner, so I try to learn, do, and prepare as much as possible before certain things, like this follow-up visit.

Any questions and advice ALWAYS welcome! I’m going this alone so I welcome any help.


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Follow-up Visit with Doctor

  1. I’m actually starting my prep cycle for ivf through shady grove. We are opting for the 1 cycle and it’s 11,000. In the brochure and on the site they have this site that gives a discount card for meds.. Google emd serrono. It saved me about $1300 off my meds.

    • Oh really? That’s pretty cool that we are going to the same place. They are supposed to be very good. Yeah I have the application for the discount meds that I need to fax in soon. They say the meds range from 3-8k…like, seriously? And being single, insurance doesn’t cover any of this, not even a little bit of help. So what is the prep cycle? What does that mean? I’m new to the IVF lingo. 🙂

  2. If it makes you feel any better we don’t get any help either. Mostly everything is out of pocket except those things they feel are done for “diagnostic” purposes. My meds were almost $5500 so the discount will help a lot. I am currently on CD 8 and am taking birth control until CD 25. They are going to trick my body into not ovulating this month so that come the 23rd I will start taking Gonal F and Menopur for 10-12 days to hopefully make some huge eggs. Situations like yours with DOR make me want to become an egg donor once everything is all said and done.

    • Oh really? I thought married couples, if that’s what you are, get covered for so many IVF cycles? Maybe I’m wrong. I just know for singles we get no help. I still need to apply for the Compassionate Care Program to see what kind of discount I’d get on the meds. I applied during the IUIs but they don’t discount those meds. Aw, egg donation would be wonderful for those who need to use that. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use my eggs but if I want any children when I’ve over 40 I think they will only do the procedure with egg donor. 🙂

      • Yep we are a married couple in the state of VA. Maryland is the only state that will cover IVF(since you said you were going to Shady Grove), not sure if that’s limited to married couples or not. You definitely want to get the compassionate care program info done. I sent mine in just before Christmas and got a response within 5 days. A card showed up at my house saying I can get a max of 50% off some of my medications. It’ll be handy to have because if your nurse is anything like mine, she will put the rx order in right away and the pharmacy will call you that day and you can tell them you are part of the program and they can give you your quote. I have to get my husband to be comfortable with me being an egg donor.

  3. That stinks! I didn’t realize it was a state decision. I have BCBS and they do cover it but only for married couples. I have the form just need to fax it in next week. I’d love to get at least 50% discount. I wonder how they decide.

    • You must’ve had a great plan with BCBS bc I also had that and they said no coverage for us. So odd. The discount amount was based off of income. We made a decent amount last year between the both of us (less than 70,000) and we got approved. If you have a scanner I believe you can also email the documents over.

  4. I wonder if it’s because I’m in Maryland? I wonder how many people get married just to get medical benefits like this. I’ll figure it all out. It stinks that insurance didn’t help you two at all. Yeah, I think last time I applied I just faxed it in.

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