I want to write a childrens book…

bigstock_story_2226743But have no idea where to start. I don’t have kids (yet) so I have no clue what topics need to be written. But I think it would be such a wonderful accomplishment to write a book and actually have people want to buy it. My ultimate goal is to write a novel but that is far in the future for me. Baby steps!


3 thoughts on “I want to write a childrens book…

  1. Thanks for reblogging my piece on who should and should not write a book. It is a charged subject but everyone was great in their replies. I hope it helps bring you followers. I’ll tweet it for you. Good luck!

  2. Please contact me at morris (dot) suem@att (dot) net. I’d love to invite you to join a book tour for this October. The book is book 2 in a series by award-winning author Diane Robinson and it can stand on its own if you have not read book 1. Please email me if you are interested. I hope you are.

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by Kid Lit Reviews. You have a follower in me.

  3. I say if you’ve got the passion to write, a book will come to you. Maybe not now, but sometime in the future. Keep your eyes open and and jot down your ideas. Spend time around children. Eventually you will begin to see things through the eyes of a child and you’ll find your “voice.”

    You may find this post on my blog helpful. It includes tips for aspiring authors. Check it out here:

    Good luck and happy writing!

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