House Training is Fun!

Kona is 15 weeks (almost 4 months old) and she is doing very well with house training. She does still not understand that inside is not an okay place to pee but she doesn’t know any better yet. I take her out every 1/2 hour-ish and she pees and poops outside. But sometimes…and I mean sometimes…after she comes back in, she could just be standing there and she’ll pee.

She hasn’t had an accident in her crate since day 2. That was the first day I was out of the home. As I watched her on the netcam I could see how unhappy she was. First time away from me, on day 2, and alone for the first time in her crate. Well of course she isn’t going to do well. But she has been great in the crate ever since. She doesn’t even whine or bark after I leave anymore. She stays calm and goes right to sleep.

I’m one who will try anything. I ordered one of those bells you hang on the door so this weekend I’ll be working with her to see if she can use that to let me know when she needs to go out. It may or may not work. But for $10 it can’t hurt to try.

I looked into Tecla’s K-9 Academy where I took Sadie for two training classes because I love her methods. People from all over want to be trained by her. They have a puppy class starting next month that I might take. From what they say there is very little about house training and more about sit, down, and come when called. Well I learned those methods with Sadie. So yesterday I decided to try “sit” with Kona. I said the command and got her into position. Gave her the treat. The very next time I said “sit”, she actually sat. OMG!

Don’t tell Sadie I said this but Kona picks up things quicker. Maybe it’s because she’s a puppy and Sadie was older when we went to training, but it makes me so happy to know she can sit when asked. Now we just need to master this bell and house training.

We’ve had so much rain lately that I did buy some training pads and I put them down. She would go any place but on the pads. In fact, I believe the cat peed on one of them. But thankfully I have hardwood floors so clean-up isn’t terrible. Kona sleeps through the night and gets me up between 5 and 6am. I pick the water bowl up around 8pm but might try 7:30ish and see if that helps. I got home each day for lunch so she is in her crate for about 4-5 hours at a time, so overall she is doing great.

She is developing such a wonderful personality. My neighbors think she will be a fairly big dog since she has German Shepherd in her but I’m not sure yet. We have our first real walk this weekend so that will be interesting to see how she does with that. I’m so glad I adopted her though, even if house training is frustrating….in the end, it’s all worth it when I get to cuddle up with her.


They kept wanting each others bone and finally they decided to get in the bed together and chew. So cute!


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