Last Week Was Quite a Week

My mom and I planned a trip back to Houston to pack up the rest of her belongings that have been in storage for the last two years and drive them back up. Our trip lasted a week and it was a good and bad week.

I dropped off Sadie the night before at a friend’s house who is in the pet business – Comfort Family Pets –  so the next morning I wouldn’t be running around trying to get her dropped off while trying to make it in time for the flight. Needless to say we got to the airport all nice and early since my mom has knee issues, we wanted to make sure she could walk it okay. We found a diner and had some breakfast – expensive mind you – but we needed to eat something. We headed down to the gate and waited for boarding. About 10 minutes into the time we should have been boarding, they changed our gate to the other end. Everyone hauled butt to make it. I kept checking back to see where my mom was but she finally told me to just go ahead and make sure we get good seats. I was close enough to the new gate to do that. We finally boarded and planted ourselves in the front row. We sat next to a really nice lady who was going to visit her daughter and hasn’t been on a plane in many years. The flight was turbulent the entire time but that didn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it practically put me into a nice deep rest – yep, can’t sleep on planes anymore. We arrived in Houston an hour later than planned. It took what seemed to be another hour for baggage to start coming out. We grabbed our bags and headed over to the rental car counter. No one was there. Here we had to haul our luggage on a bus so they could take us to the rental car lot. We made it and got a decent car – in red!

We arrived at the family’s house and got settled in. The family was holding a shrimp boil/cookout event at their neighborhood pool so we ended up joining them for some food and conversation. I ended up leaving early to go meet a friend of mine. We finally met up and had coffee and dessert and got to catch up on our lives for the past couple of years. It was so great to see him. He’s such an awesome friend.

We headed over to the storage unit to get an idea of what we had to deal with, as well as checking out the house to see where other items were placed inside and stored in the garage. The family was awesome in holding on to all my mom’s things and were wonderful in helping us load up the truck – well with everything really. For Mother’s Day, we all went out to Los Generales to celebrate mother’s and it was also James birthday.

485432_10200623083072818_1360148251_n 264514_10200623076672658_1246138657_nWe rented a uhaul truck and headed to the storage unit to begin our sorting. We had anticipated it taking us the entire three days to sort through everything but we were able to load up the truck with things to take with us and load up the family trailer with items to donate or sell in one day. Yay! But we went back to the house and crashed for a bit.

Mom wanted to go and visit the art gallery where she has her baskets and paintings. It was about 1.5 hour drive each way but it was a nice day to drive and relax after a hard day of labor. The gallery – Copper Shade Tree – had moved to a different building in the same square. We walked in and OMG, it was gorgeous. Mom wanted me to take pictures of all her pieces so she had a current inventory of what was still there. We ended up getting a gorgeous metal wind art – but I’ll talk about that and post pictures once I get it in the ground. It’s so cool! Oh and I spoke with the gallery owner and showed him my floor art and he is interested in trying them out in the gallery. So wish me luck on having some things in my first gallery.

We pulled some boxes out of the uhaul for mom to go through them. There were a few items in the house that we needed to make room for in the truck. The whole day it rained off and on. One of my mom’s friends came by to help and I was so happy she did. I needed a break. I was getting frustrated due to being tired.

That night we went out for Margarita’s and for some reason they didn’t like me. Later we got home and hung out outside and I broke the ice nicely with some things mom and I wanted to talk about with the family. Not the best way to do it but it was the last night after-all and it just came out. We cleared up a few things at least…lol

Next day I woke up at 4am wondering where my phone was. I must have crashed in my cot with my clothes on and went to check my phone for the time and realized my purse wasn’t there. I woke my mom up and she ended up going downstairs and getting it. In the meantime, the family has this adorable dog, Sunshine, and she likes to bark whenever we enter a room, so my mom ended up waking the house looking for my purse. What a great mom! We were supposed to get up around 5am to leave by 6am. Didn’t quite work out but we did get on the road at 7am – so not too bad!

264467_10200623082072793_1109300858_nWe drove that day for about 14 hours and was on the road for 15. Yikes! We did make one stop through New Orleans to go to Villalobos Rescue Center  for the show Pit Bulls and Parolees. Tia was busy with shooting an episode so we took the tour and our guide was Earl – from the show! He was so cool and nice. I got a picture with him and the other staff there that day. Earl told us the name and story of each dog on site, which was very awesome. There were two I wanted to adopt but they wouldn’t fit in the uhaul with us. 😦 The merchandise store was closed but they had some t-shirts hanging outside to see. They also had free photo cards of their crew for us to take.

942685_10200623121753785_1629757227_n 970891_10200623118433702_411439581_n

We made it to Ft. Payne, AL and found a hotel there. It didn’t take long for us to crash. For me it was nice because all week I was sleeping on a camping cot – and I’m too old for that. The bed was so nice. We got up around 5:30am the next morning for day 2 of our travel back home. We drove for about 10-11 hours and finally made it to our home state. We drove by to pick up Sadie and headed home. It was so great to be home and be with my dog and cat again. I missed them so much and wish I got to see pictures of them every day while gone, but that didn’t happen. Got home and unloaded the cab part of the truck and realized I left my phone where I picked up the dog. Went back and it was gone – someone stole it. 😦

Saturday woke up somewhat early and backed the uhaul into the driveway to unload a few items – one being my Chifforobe. The guy my mom hired to help us unload couldn’t make it so it was just us. I unloaded the truck – with no dolly – and brought them to the top of mom’s stairs. She took them the rest of the way down. I was hurtin so badly. The boxes were so big and some were so heavy that I couldn’t manage them and they would hit my thigh and slide down causing many bruises along the way. But we did it. The Chifforobe, I went across the street to ask a neighbor who was out cutting his grass to see if he’d mind helping us lift it out of the truck. This was our first introductions and felt bad to introduce myself this way but we needed help. Thanks to everyone who helped and shame on you for those who didn’t! I’m too old for this stuff…lol. Next time we’re hiring professionals who won’t let us down.

After we returned the truck I dropped off my mom at the house and went up to the phone store to see about getting another phone. I didn’t have insurance on it because all these years I’ve never lost a phone nor had one stolen. The one I had been watching wasn’t due out until that next Thursday so I pre-ordered it but for a few days I had no phone. It wasn’t a huge deal and I survived. Just sucked about the phone. Nice way to end a trip!

Sunday I rested, did some laundry, put my things away from the trip and caught up on TV. I also got to go through and catch up on the many many emails I had. Some great, some not so much. The bottom line is that we are done with the trip, I got a brand new phone, and have some great things in store for the next couple of months.

As always, it was great to see family and we look forward to the next trip where we have more time to do some fun things.

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