Final Testing

I’ve done all my blood work and my HSG was schedule for this morning. I am not a fan of this test but understand why it needs to be done. So this test, they inject dye into your uterus and they can see on the monitor where it flows. The hope is that it flows into the fallopian tubes. This can tell them if there are any blockages that would prevent me from getting pregnant.

The doctor said that the uterus isn’t used to having something heavy. The dye they inject is the consistency of corn syrup so since the uterus doesn’t like it, it tries to get rid of it, causing a cramping pain.

Yeah, well…the pain almost made me fold up like origami…LOL. It doesn’t last but a minute but it was a painful minute.

Luckily my tubes are clear and good to go!

Now on to the final doctor’s visit so she can tell me the course of action that should take place.

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