The Following 1.15 “The Final Chapter”

the-following-season-finale-poe-yourself-a-drink1I can’t remember if I’ve already said this or not but this show drives me crazy. Each episode I feel that they do something stupid which causes me to yell at the TV. Ha! Not really but I might do that in my head.

I’ve decided I’m not going to recap everything I watch. Takes too long and sometimes I don’t have time for that. If I do, I will.


I did not expect Parker to die. I thought during the entire episode that they would save her in time. Boy was I wrong. So that was sad. And just shooting that guy in the head was way to easy. I was hoping one of them would either save him for later torture or put him in the coffin and cover it up. Ya know, that whole eye for an eye idea.

It was the same cat and mouse game. Annoying really.

Loved the scene where Joe take the broken ankle guy out into the main room, just to stab him repeatedly while Clare watched. That will teach Clare not to take credit for something she didn’t do. Joe was looking rough but that’s to be expected since he was stabbed and then stabbed again with a fork.

For me, the last two minutes was the best. When Ryan and Clare were in his apartment. She’s in the bathroom and he hears a noise. Investigates only to get himself stabbed by Molly. Then Clare sees Ryan bleeding on the floor and screams (not a good idea) and Molly comes up from behind and stabs Clare in the back. The End.

  • Great way to end a season but where does season 2 go from here?
  • Did Joe really die or did he somehow escape?
  • Will Molly be the one they hunt down next season?

2 thoughts on “The Following 1.15 “The Final Chapter”

  1. Just finished watching it today… I was quite disappointed about Parker not being found in time. I hope Claire and Ryan don’t die, because they deserve to be happy with each other. As for Joe… not so sure if he really is dead! While I do like this show, I wonder how far they can take it? Will Emma take over?

  2. I never thought Parker wasn’t going to make it. I liked her and in the beginning I even thought she might be a follower. I like Clare even though she makes stupid choices and I hope neither of them die as well. I don’t think Joe is dead. Them finding a body that has his dental record could be all part of his plan. I sort of wish it was only one season. I don’t know if I can do this same cat and mouse game of Ryan being one step behind all the time. Of course I still enjoy the show but it became predictable for me.

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