Foster Dog Macon – Day 2

I know this is a little after Day 2 but I did promise I’d write about it. Picking up where I left off with Day 1, we slept until about 10am which I was very surprised with. We went out back and I let them play a bit but was still a little worried. So that didn’t last long. I tried to get a few things done around the house but with a Macon shadow, some of that was difficult.

We decided to go for a walk around the block which is .65 miles. I wanted to take Sadie along too so I suited them both up and we headed out. They walked great together. Macon was eager to explore and smell all the new smells. He could have probably gone longer but with his surgery I didn’t want to push him too much. By the end of this walk, both dogs were walking slower and you could tell they were both tired. We headed back inside where they both took naps. I think I actually included some of the photos on Day 1.

IMG_0158It’s all a blur…LOL. I had a meetup event at the dog park and I wanted to take Macon, however the dog park doesn’t really like dogs to be leashed and Macon would have to remain leashed right now. So I left him at home with my mom. She said I didn’t need to crate him, that she’d watch him. So Sadie and I headed out.

To keep Macon from going downstairs, I laid down one of my metal swivel bar stools but when I left, he managed to figure out how to jump over that and head downstairs. My mom took him back up and ended up crating him. Poor guy. He just loves to be around people so much that when he discovered that there was someone downstairs he wanted to be down with her. Sweet huh?

I only stayed at the dog park for about an hour. I didn’t want to leave Macon for too long, plus some of the dog in the park seemed to worry me so with the stress level I was at, I couldn’t handle any kind of bad incident. Sadie was tired anyway so we headed back home. Macon was so happy to see both of us. I took them out back and they played for a while.

After watching the dogs at the dog park, I thought that I just need to let them play and work it out between them. So I had my camera and I took many pictures of them playing. The fact that Sadie and Macon would lie on their backs, belly exposed, was a good indication that they were both okay. Yay! Below are a few photos.

IMG_0168  IMG_0182  IMG_0183

IMG_0170  IMG_0185  IMG_0172

flickr-logo-png <–Check out Macon’s photo collection!

Now we approach bedtime and I’m wondering if I really need to crate him for the night. We had such a great day and he was such an easy dog, that I thought, let’s try it. Worst case, if he didn’t do well, then I’d crate him at that time. I take Sadie and Macon out back to play and do any deeds that needed doing. We head back in and I get ready for bed. I go back into my bedroom and Macon was up on my bed, heading toward the cat food located on the night stand on the other side of the bed (that was blocked off!). I quickly grab him and try to remove him from the bed. It was like trying to move a smart car. After a few minutes he was finally back on the floor. I finish getting ready for bed and say my good night’s to Sadie and Macon and crawl into bed.

Macon paced the room for a bit, went out to the kitchen to get some water and came right back to the bedroom and settled down. He slept all night – perfectly!

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