Sunday’s Home Study Visit

houseLet me just preface this with something that is off topic from the title. I originally started this blog to document my adoption journey – the ups and downs and every point in between – however I also ended up blogging about random life things. I’ve decided to break up my posts into more individual blog sites, keeping this one specifically for adoption. I know many of you are probably following me for some of the various posts I posted so if you want to remove yourself from this blog and add yourself to the other blog, that would be fine.

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So on to the original topic of this post – the home study visit! It was yesterday from 9-12ish. My case worker met with my friend first and then my mom. I stayed downstairs for both of their interviews. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous, but only because I didn’t know what she was going to ask them or what she was going to talk to me about.

Once we got to my portion, there was some paperwork I had to correct which was no problem. The main topic of our talks were around finances. Because I’m single I don’t have a double income coming in that will allow for a bigger savings account. All I can do is save what I can, try to make money on the side and hope that nothing in the house breaks. I have the next two years planned out financially for my mom and I and I do believe I will be able to do it. Another option is taking out a loan which I have no problem doing. We discussed all of this in great detail and length. We also discussed extending my mom’s stay so she can help out more and that is always an option.

We discussed the placement agency I’ve chosen to do the adoption through and once we are both in a more relaxed state, she would like to learn more about them so her agency can continue to utilize them.

She loved my house and can visualize my child sitting at the kitchen island on the bar stools doing homework while I make us dinner. It was nice that she could see that. She loved the dog and cat and thought that they were both very friendly pets.

Overall it wasn’t bad. I did feel like I was under an interrogation light in some respects but I did feel like she was just being thorough in her job. I hope that I get approved but don’t see any reasons why I shouldn’t. She could sense my determination in making this all happen so I hope she passes that along in her staff meeting.

Keep your fingers crossed! And if you’re interested in helping me in some way, just let me know.

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Home Study Visit

  1. That is great news. If she wasn’t going to approve you, I’m pretty sure you’d know it (or at least sense it) at this point. Congrats on yet another item checked off your list.

    • The bad news is they want me to wait six months to proceed so I can save up more money. Now I’m doubting this whole thing. Even though I have almost 10k in savings, they want more. I showed them my two year plan and how I can in fact afford this and they still want me to wait. It’s not a no, but to wait and prove that I can save for six months. Not sure what to do now. I’m sure I’ll feel better in a few days or weeks but right now I feel sad and defeated.

      • So sorry…that’s a total bummer. Will they let you go ahead and get on a wait list in the meantime? Since you’d be waiting longer than six months anyway, seems reasonable that you’d be saving during that time. We didn’t have the money when we went on the list, but saved while we were waiting. I’m not sure how they’d write that in the home study, but surely there’s a way.

      • It is! I am using a local agency for the home study so I can’t move forward with the placement agency until the home study is done and approved, which means I can’t get on the wait list until the dossier is submitted. I have a detailed excel spreadsheet showing each weeks paycheck and the expenses I pay, what is left over, how much is moved into the adoption account – for the next two years – and it still wasn’t enough for them to go forward. All of this just extend the entire wait time, which is frustrating. I just don’t get it. I make more as a single person than a lot of families make yet I have to show that I can save up money. I have been saving since Sept when I signed up with them but that doesn’t seem to be enough. So my confidence is shot that I wait six months and then what if they still don’t think it’s enough and I either wait longer or am denied? Ugh.

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