Adoption Training

ClassroomWhat a week. Monday was the health department inspection, Thursday I sat on a call with other families to hear about our case workers trip to Ethiopia, Thursday evening I had the fire marshal inspect my house and I passed, and Friday was a full day of adoption training.

At first I was really dreading the training day, thinking that this could be a waste of time. But now that I’ve gone through it, I wouldn’t say it was a waste. The morning talked about the adoption process. Most of it I knew but it was good to get it again. The afternoon was to discuss race. Since we will all be a transracial family, they want us to know the different situations that could arise.

Honestly, it did make me think, but in a good way. It made me more aware of what the child may be faced with and what types of questions they could be asked because will be a mixed race family.

During lunch we had to give our research presentations and my case worker had me go first so she could leave the training for the day. I gave my presentation on the wonderful experience that my mom and I had with the coffee ceremony. Both case workers were amazed and giddy – just like I was before and during that day. I passed out handouts to show pictures from the ceremony and on the back I provided the websites to the Blessed Coffee and Ethiopian Festival. They mentioned that both will go on the newsletter. They have never had a presentation like mine and were so excited for me. The others in the training group didn’t want to follow me after that…LOL.

I also turned in my Home Study paperwork (minus one item that we are waiting on for my mom). So I can almost say the Home Study is done.

My next steps are to work on the dossier paperwork…


3 thoughts on “Adoption Training

  1. Way to go, teacher’s pet! Before we adopted, I was a curriculum designer for training programs. In my opinion, most adoption training could use a professional to design the courses. While social workers are great at the content, sometimes it could be more useful if put into a different format. That said, those discussions about race are really important to get you thinking. Although, I thought I was prepared and knew how to handle those questions, but when they really happen, I always freeze up. I always think of my witty, clever responses about 30 minutes later.

    Did I miss what agency you decided to use, or are you not sharing that?

    • Oh how funny! I’m an ISD and have been for 10+ years. Yes, the online training was pretty dull and could use a face lift. During the group training, we had to interview another person in class and then introduce them. My “other” person introduced me and told the group what I do. Both the case workers lit up and jotted down a note about that. I’d love to create some online training for them.

      I’m sure I’ll be the same way. During the online training when they had scenarios of people’s comments, I answered them correctly, however I’m sure in real life I will blank out and not remember how to answer. I just hope I don’t have a knee-jerk reaction instead.

      Oh sure, I can share that. But I’d rather share that privately, just in case there are eyeballs watching. I don’t want to say anything wrong about agencies in a very public manner. You can email me at logan3975 at gmail dot com.

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