Last Weekend to Prep

I noticed the check I sent in with the health department application was finally cashed yesterday. I received a call this morning from an inspector scheduling the inspection for this Monday. I think I’m ready, but still want to go through the house and make sure everything is good to go.

I’m a bit nervous about this since I don’t know what to expect. Has any had a health department inspection and how did yours go?

Next, she will schedule the fire marshal’s inspection.


4 thoughts on “Last Weekend to Prep

  1. Sorry, we didn’t have to do either of those in our state. I was told to get a fire extinguisher for the kitchen before our home study, but then our social worker didn’t even ask to see it. I would think as long as your home does not have obvious hazards (like an unsecured pool or mold growing on the walls), you’ll be fine.

    • I do have a feeling that I am over thinking this whole thing but I also don’t want anything to go wrong. I was given a very long (like 4 pages) of what the health dept will be checking. I’ll be curious if they check even half of them. I wish my state didn’t require this.

    • So the Health Dept inspection went great. Needed pet rabies vaccination certificates for all animals (last one is getting hers tomorrow) for this inspection. I did not know that but have 10 days to get it to the inspector. Everything else went very well. Thanks for thinking about me! I was so nervous…LOL. Silly, I know.

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