So Hard to Decide

make your choice

I thought I had it all figured out. Who I was going to go with for agency #2, but then I got to researching more and now I’m more confused and unsure than I have been so far.

My local agency recommended agencies that they use – WACAP, Wide Horizons, and Holt – specifically for Ethiopia. All except WACAP are currently accepting new applicants. So I figured my decision was made.

I recently joined a yahoo group for Ethiopia adoptive families. I have learned a lot by reading their questions and advice. Things I wouldn’t have thought about ¬†yet. Tips on where to stay when traveling to Ethiopia and what to do to the water in order to be okay drinking it.

I posted a question today asking for feedback on agencies that have an open Ethiopia program and that accept single woman. I asked for people to message me offline and I received a few responses. One suggested the agency they are currently using – Adoption Associates. So I started researching reviews and testimonials, etc. I found nothing that raised any red flags. I filled out a form so I could be emailed a packet of information. I haven’t received it yet though.

I’ve emailed my local case worker to see if she has heard of them or if she has ever worked with them. I just wonder if she will try and convince me to use one of the agencies that they normally deal with. I like to have options.

My goal by end of this weekend – to pick agency #2 and apply

Anyone out there have any agency feedback or other agency suggestions?

2 thoughts on “So Hard to Decide

  1. We used Wide Horizons, but they are not accepting new applicants for infants. I’m not sure if you’re interested in special needs or older children, but if so, I’d definitely recommend them. If you have specific questions about their process, you can email me at blog2plus2mom at gmail dot com. As for AA, if I’m remembering correctly, there are some red flags. There are two agencies with similar names, though, and I may be thinking of the other one. Search the archives in the Yahoo Group to find more. Also, there is another Yahoo Group, Adoption Agency Research, that you should join. You’ll find it very helpful. The three that your home study agency suggested are the three that I have consistently heard good things about.

    One warning…things have really slowed down in Ethiopia. If I were you, I would suggest also looking at Ghana, DRC, or Uganda. All of them are seeing more movement right now. If you go with Ethiopia for an infant, you would be looking at a several year wait. (Assuming that you go with an ethical agency.) If I were just starting out, I don’t think I’d plan on Ethiopia, but that’s just me.

    • Wide Horizons aren’t accepting new applicants except for child who have special needs. It’s rough to have 3 choices to start with and then 2 of them are crossed out, leaving me with really no option. That’s when I started researching other agencies. I joined a couple yahoo groups and one is AAR. Both groups I’m in said that Adoption Associates Inc (AAI) is really great. I’ve chatted with a few references from them and they speak very highly about them. No matter what agency I go with there will be a wait, and I’m okay with that. It will allow me a bit more time to come up with the money part of it. I’m still set on Ethiopia at least for now. If Ethiopia completely shuts down adoptions to the US then I’ll switch gears. Thanks for your feedback though. I appreciate hearing what others have to say and take everything to heart.

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