Pitiful and broke my heart


They shaved around the wound so that’s why it looks white.


Wouldn’t stop oozing but I followed her around to dab it.


Bit more challenging to get a pic of the inside so here’s another one of the outside.

My last blog was talking about the thought of fostering a dog. Well this story has me on edge about the whole thing.

My friend who just recently started fostering a dog came over on Saturday to administer my home check for the rescue. She brought her dog and her foster dog so that they could play in the back yard with Sadie. We ended up out back and watched them play and we wanted to make sure that none of them could escape.

One of my worst fears came to life. Out of the blue, her foster dog decided to attack Sadie…and I mean attack. My friend grabbed on to her jacket which she ended up coming out of and grabbed a hold of Sadie’s hind leg and wouldn’t let go. I ended up grabbing the fosters collar and wanted to pull – at the same time thinking I don’t want to pull Sadie’s leg off – but what else could I do. Somehow we got her to let go. It was all a blur really. I take Sadie to the deck and shut the deck door to confine her for a few minutes. I checked her leg and she had puncture wounds on the inside and outside of her leg – one on each side. They weren’t bleeding at that moment.

So I went back to the yard and my friend and I tried to figure out WTH happened! We have no clue, and we’ll never know. One minute everyone was playing nicely and the next it became a nightmare. After gathering ourselves we decided to quickly finish up the home check form.

I took Sadie downstairs to be with my mom and locked her in my mom’s living room until we could finish up and get the other two out the front door without meeting each other in the house.

I called the vet and they gave an emergency number which happened to be the same number that my friend got for the emergency vet in my town. The rescue group said they’d pay for the vet bills – which they did. Sadie was given a pain killer which made her not able to walk very well. I took home some more pain killers and antibiotics. I had to do warm compresses every six hours to help with swelling and drainage. Poor Sadie has to wear a cone on her head because she kept licking her wounds and we need the wounds to scab over.

She slept and whined the rest of Saturday and she slept until around 4am. We got up and went outside – I had to help navigate her cone head and help her in her dazed state – but she did her business. We went back to bed and she whined through Sunday night. She has done very well on eating when I ask her too so I can administer her meds (can’t be on an empty stomach) and takes he pills with no fight.

Her regular vet called today to check on her and said that I can remove the cone tonight and see how she does. If she licks the areas too often then I’ll have to put the cone back on, but light licking is okay.


  • Nice, normal play is great – rough, aggressive play, not so much.
  • I haven’t given up on the thought of fostering but I am definitely more scared now – with good reason, right?
  • Once Sadie is fully recovered, we’ll get my friend’s dog and her back together – without the foster dog. Sorry girl!
  • It could have been much worse, but it still sucked.
  • I don’t know how people can watch dog fights – I guess no heart helps. 😦

8 thoughts on “I Was So Scared!

  1. Awe, so sorry this happened to your Sadie!! Something similar happened when my sister took her dog over to my parents’ house (they have 2 dogs). Her dog attacked one of my parents’ dogs, out of the blue. When stuff like this happens, it’s usually due to the animals figuring out their “place” in the pack. If you have 2 dogs who are natural alpha dogs placed together, there might be a tussle for that top-dog position. I hope she heals quickly!!!

    • My dog is so gentle and calm that I’m not sure she knows how to be alpha dog. And this happened in Sadie’s backyard. The only thing that happened shortly before the attack was that this foster dog tried to mount Sadie, which is odd for a girl dog. When Sadie growled the foster dog got off of her. They played for a minute or two more and then – attack! Sadie is doing much better. The cone came off last night and she was so happy she ran around the back yard. I think she’ll be okay. It might take me longer to get over it. LOL

      • Well, “alpha” doesn’t insinuate that a dog is necessarily vicious – just that it is the pack leader. My parents’ alpha dog is super duper sweet, a real snuggle bug. The foster’s dog tried to mount Sadie in a show of dominance, so it could be that they were disagreeing which of them was in charge. Glad she is OK though!! It could have been a lot worse!

      • That is true. I’ve just never seen her show her dominant side before. I’m glad too, and yes it could have been much worse. Her leg could have been worse or one of us humans could have been attacked as well. It’s weird but it was the fastest minute and the longest minute of my life.

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