Writing-How-to-Write-an-AutobiographyIt has taken me awhile to put together my autobiography for my local adoption agency who will be handling the home study. I just emailed it to my case worker. I believe the next step is they will schedule either an interview with me or schedule a half day of training. I’m unclear at this point which is next and maybe it depends on the training schedule and the availability of my case worker.

I took the suggestions of friends and my blog followers on being completely honest in what I wrote about religion. My intent was never to lie, but I was worried about some of the topics. I’m not worried anymore because honesty and expressing how I feel about something or how I will raise this child still reflects a good home and a loving mother.

The social worker was right when she said by the end of writing this autobiography, people ended up enjoying the newly documented life story of themselves. I feel the same way now that it’s done.

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