I’ve never heard of this book, The Secret of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen but discovered it on kindle for 99 cents and I couldn’t resist reading it – I mean who doesn’t want to read a nice romance.

secreitofellaandmichaThe story is about Ella, who came from a broken home and lived through some tragic things in her life. Her best friend and next door neighbor Micha knew everything about her. They were best friends. When Ella left suddenly one night eight months ago, she not only left her old life behind, but she also left the person she used to be. She went to school far away from her old life and returned during summer break just to find everything was the same. Even Micha. While Ella was away, she worked hard to change herself from the rebel girl she once was to a proper well-controlled girl. Micha wants the old Ella back and will stop at nothing to show Ella that she is perfect the way she is.

This is their love story.


I really enjoyed this book and how it was written. Each chapter was either from Ella’s point of view or Micha’s point of view so you were able to understand what each were thinking in each situation. It’s like getting both sides of a story. This appears to be book one of a trilogy. I plan on reading all of them as I’d like to see where their lives in up. With each other. Or not.

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