You Weren’t Invited. Period.

Sandy Sandy Sandy….you arrive on my doorstep, uninvited and nasty. You have forced me to glue myself to the news to hear repeated reports of your arrival. You have kept me indoors all day long – even my dog Sadie doesn’t want to go outside. You wreck havoc on so many by leaving people without homes, cars, electricity and much more.

Sadie met Sandy.

Sadie hasn’t been out all day and started whining a little while ago so I donned my coat and rain boots and went out back with her. She fought me as I pulled her down the deck steps and we both made a mad dash under the deck. I didn’t see her pee unless she peed all the way down the steps….but she can’t say I didn’t try to help her. I hope she can make it a bit longer, poor thing. If she does have an accident in the house, I can’t really blame her.

So I’m bored watching the news yet I can’t seem to change the channel. I think I’m also waiting for total blackness as I lose power. I am praying that I don’t but I can’t see how I won’t. The last thunderstorm I had was classified as a Derecho and because it was unexpected, caused hundreds of thousands of people to be without power for up to seven days. I fell in the area of being without for five days. I had a semi-working generator that was a saving grace, however I don’t have it for this hurricane. Please God, keep my power on.

I also have to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are working hard to restore those who are without power, and all the other emergency folks who are forced to be out in this mess as well as all the reporters standing outside dealing with the rain and wind to be able to report to all of us what is going on in Maryland and the other states being impacted. Sandy.

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