Please Sign This…

I just came across a petition on which states the possibility of the Adoption Tax Credit going away in the next year or so. This is terrible news for all of us who are trying to financially figure out how we will afford all the fees that come along with adoption. This tax credit is a bit of relief for all of us…

So please sign the petition HERE. Post to your Facebook wall, email it to friends and family…basically spread the word and let’s make this tax credit permanent.

Leave a comment if you signed so I can be nosey and see who all reads and responds….and SUPPORTS adoption!

6 thoughts on “Please Sign This…

  1. I did this several weeks ago, but I didn’t post about it on my blog. I should do that. We are still waiting for a few things to refile our 2011 taxes with this credit. Luckily, our court date was in 2011, even though the kids didn’t come home until 2012. Whew…just under the wire. I don’t know how anyone could afford to do it without this incentive.

    • I know…I probably won’t be able to proceed (or it will just take longer) if they take away this tax credit. So please pass it along, post it on your blog, and email it out. Let’s try to make this a permanent credit.

    • I saw a few on but this appeared to have the most signatures, so I went with this one. I will sign each and every one of them if it means one of the petitions works.

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