Am I Back in School?

In my adoption paperwork is a guideline to use to help me write my autobiography. Really? In the info session they made it seem like it was going to be 1-2 pages but at the top of the page is states 7-10 pages – typed! I wonder if I can use size 16 font and double space…LOL.

So I started tackling the first section FAMILY ORIGINS and at first glance it looks like it will be easy to answer all these questions, but as I stared at the blank screen, I realized this may be harder than I thought.

But it’s okay…

I plan on taking it one question at a time…one section at a time, and just write a bit each day. The agency states that other adoptive parents have enjoyed having this…once it was done. I think they’ll be right, but right now I’m looking at this and thinking to myself, I don’t remember what activities I did when I was 5 years old, or what my neighborhood were like when I was little. But luckily I have my mom to help answer some things while I still make it known that I don’t remember a lot of the details. After all, this autobiography will be used during the Home Study so they have a guide for asking questions. So I can’t add too much if I don’t remember too much of it.

So 7-10 pages; size 12 font; single spaced….am I back in school? Sure feels like it.

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